SEnuke VPS Setup Guide

Complete Guide To SEnuke VPS Configuration

To get the most out of the new SEnuke application you really want to be running it on a server, the faster connection speeds and ability to run 24/7 make the world of difference to your Nuking abilities. Now for most people a fully dedicated server is honestly going to be overkill, as such a cheaper option is to get what is called a Virtual Private Server, this is where one powerful server is shared amongst several users.

Running SEnuke on a server is just about identical to running it on your desktop PC, however installing SEnuke on a server does have a few small differences.

What Sort of VPS Is Needed?

(Hint: Windows Based Hyper-V with 1.5gb+ RAM)

dell-vpsYou are of course free to pick any VPS company you like and there are lots to choose from, but you must ensure the VPS is a Windows one, most are Linux based and SEnuke will not work on such a system. The majority of SEnuke users use our VPS specials from Accu Webhosting, and they offer specific, fully supported and discounted servers just for Nuke users. I do not believe anybody else sells a Hyper-V server for less.

Specification wise you are looking for firstly RAM and then CPU power. Now quite amazingly you don’t need huge amounts of either to run SEnuke, 1.5GB of ram on a 2Ghz CPU is enough for Basic use, however most people prefer a little more. Those of you who would like to run some major Nuking projects on your VPS would be better suited to pick a VPS with a little more ram such as the 2GB or 3GB models. The VPS offered the above link are all based on Microsofts Hyper-V platform, and as such you are getting dedicated RAM and vCPU allocations. Most cheap VPS companies use software virtualization and do not really offer dedicated RAM, rather it is shared amongst many users.


Buying & Configuring Your VPS

Maximising VPS Power For SEnuke

Accu1If you want the maximum power for SEnuke then you need to have the minimum amount of programs installed on your VPS. Every program running will use up RAM, and thus be taking away performance from SEnuke. So it is best to configure your server to be running no programs that it does not need.

This process will change a little between providers, but it essentially the same procedure with a slightly different look. For our example we are using a Deluxe VPS from Accu, so after you have agreed to the TOS you need to fill in a few details:

  • Billing Cycle – You can get a slight discount if you order for longer periods of time, but most people just select monthly.
  • Hostname – As we are only using this server for SEnuke you can put anything you want here, as long as it follows valid domain name rules. For example ‘’, you do not need to buy a domain name. (If you do intend to use this server for hosting websites then you MUST use a domain name you own, you will also really need 2 IP address so the Opal package is not best suited to this)
  • NS1 & NS2 – This relates to the above hostname, but again if you are not going to host websites on the server it is not important, for our example we will use &
  • Root Password – MAKE IT SECURE!


  • Backup Service – Optional, I don’t use it.
  • SEnukeX Installation – tick ‘Yes’
  • Operating System – All the specials now come with Server 2008 R2
  • Additional IP Address – Not Required
  • Additional RAM – Not Required (If you need more ram go for the Power VPS, this is the best value)
  • Additional Bandwidth – Not Required
  • Additional Disk Space – Not Required
  • Managed Services – Seff Managed VPS

Do not select the CDN option.
Your screen should now look pretty much like the image below, though your price will be lower as they have been decreased since the image was made (remember there is no need to follow me exactly, i.e. you don’t need to use for instance, you should use your own date). Click checkout and pay.

Accu Webhosting Plan

Setting Up The Operating System

Servers Need Special Setting For SEnuke To Work

Once you have placed your order you will need to wait a while for the server to be configured. This can be anywhere from almost instant to several hours, if you are desperate to get going use this time to learn about how to use the program with free SEnuke tutorials!

When your server is setup you will get an email with login details, if you paid via PayPal this will be sent to your PayPal email address regardless of what email address you used to order the VPS.

Within that email you are looking for a section that looks like this:

RDP Details: IP Address: 173.248.XXX.XX Username: administrator Password: &^DS((SD*&

This is how you will connect to the server using the Remote Desktop client that comes with Windows, Mac users have other options (I am told Microsoft have a Mac version of remote desktop). Remote Desktop client for Windows can be found in START > ACCESSORIES – Remote Desktop

Launch the program, enter the IP Address you were given and when prompted the username and password, if you get a security certificate error you can safely ignore it. After a short pause you will be connected to your new Windows Server 2008 R2 desktop! Those who use Windows 7 will be very familiar with this desktop already, however there are a few things you MUST change in order to get SEnuke working.

Note: If you have trouble connecting by Remote Desktop with a ‘Wrong Credentials’ error try typing in your password and username rather than copying and pasting. The copy paste function often adds an extra at the end of the password and this will stop it from working.

Now IF you ticked the ‘Yes, Install SEnukeX’ box you don’t technically need the rest of this guide (you can skip to the to the advanced points near the end). However it is still worth a read so you understand exactly what we have done to allow SEnuke to run on a server.

If you did not tick that box, or you ordered your VPS elsewhere then you do need to read on.

Configure Windows Update

Windows update can me a real pain if it decides to update during an SEnuke run, so stop it from doing so!

  1. Firstly open Windows update: Control Panel > System and Security > Windows update
  2. Now check for and install any updates, reboot if needed.

Once everything is up to day click on ‘Change Settings’ and select ‘Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them’ from the drop down list.

windows update

Now when updates are available you will be notified and you can install them when you are

Turning Off IE-ESC

This is an absolutely VITAL step, miss this out and SEnuke will not work properly.

In the Server Manager click on the very top of the list where it simply says ‘Server Manager (Your Server Name). Now about halfway down the screen on the right you will see ‘Configure IE ESC’, click this and turn it off completely.

Disable IE-ESC

Configure Internet Explorer Security


Now that you have turned off IE-ESC Senuke will work, however you will still find the current security configuration is too high. You can lower this a little if you want, I do.

Open Internet Explorer and click on: Tools > Internet Options – Security

Drag the security bar down to ‘Medium’ and un-tick ‘Enable Protected Mode’, click OK and close Internet Explorer. Turning off Protected Mode is not absolutely required, so if you are not happy about doing that you can leave it on.

Lowering Security Levels

Configure Privacy


While we are going about the business of lowering security levels I would suggest you consider changing your Privacy settings to allow all cookies. I have seen no mention of this on the official SEnuke forums, however it seems to me several sites withing SEnuke will not work properly unless you accept their cookies, which do not appear to be signed properly.


Stop Certificate Checks


This is the last part of setting up the system.

  • Open Internet Explorer again and go to: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

Scroll down until you reach ‘Security’ and un-tick ‘Check for publisher’s certificate revocation’ & ‘Check for server certificate revocation’, press ‘OK’ and close Internet Explorer. Official advice also says you should scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and ensure the last three items are not ticked as well. This information is not often mentioned anymore, but was part of the standard setup of SEnuke back in 2009. This only has an impact on sites that still use the web browser, so it’s not as important as it used to be.

disable-certificate -checks

That’s it, we are done setting up. Download the SEnuke install files, they will auto install any other needed components for your server like .Net if needed.


SEnuke VPS Enhancements


You now have a fully working copy of SEnuke X installed on a server, however there are a couple of things you can do still if you want.

  • Get Some Free Training
    If you are new to SEnuke then you will soon learn that there are very few official help guides. You can take a look at ZontSEO where there is a free PDF guide showing you how to do your first Nuke (with Social Network, Bookmarking, RSS, Indexing and Article Nuke). We also have over 200 other guides, tutorials, templates and strategies.
  • Use Private Proxies
    SEnuke does not come with any built in proxies anymore but if you want to run Profile Nuke you are going to need some, you might like to consider some High Speed SEnuke Proxies, you will find 10 is probably enough. If you use the code ‘BHWONLY’ during checkout you get 25% off, forever!
    A lot of people have told me they use a program called Hide My Ass instead of proxies, and on paper they seem like a good option. However recently they have been banning a lot of accounts of people who used SEnuke with them. If you want to take the risk then fine, however do note the proxy company above is in agreement with SEnuke and they know what the program is all about. You are much less likely to have issues with them than HMA.
  • Use Proxifier
    Proxifier allows you to run with multiple proxies at once, and do special things like directing your captcha to multiple locations. There is an extensive guide to using Proxifier to better solve captcha with OCR over at Zont SEO.
  • Upgrade Your IE
    The default installation of Server 2008R2 comes with IE8, an upgrade to a newer IE is really worth doing and improves success rates with Nuke. After installing it please remember to go back and check security levels and Certificate revocation checks as these tend to be restored during the upgrade process.
  • Drop Box
    Perhaps the best thing since sliced bread! Install DropBox on your server AND on your desktop computer. Now any file you store in it will be synced automatically between the two. This makes working on the server a breeze, as you can write documents and articles on your home computer, save them in DropBox and when you go to the server they are already there. Best of all its free.
    One issue with DropBox is the default install takes its proxy settings from Internet Explorer, this if you use the SEnuke X proxies it will stop working! However this is very easy to fix. Right click on the DropBox icon down by the clock and select ‘Preferences’. Now select ‘Proxies’ and tick the box saying ‘No Proxy Server’.
  • Install Anti-Virus
    Most AntiVirus packages for servers will cost you money, however ClamAV is available for free. You can also use Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free too but has not been getting very good reviews in 2012/2013.
  • CCleaner
    SEnuke now comes with its own cookie cleaner, but I find it easier to use CCleaner, which is free. If you use CCleaner you might want to add an exception to the built in Window Closer in SEnuke X, add the tittle ‘Pirisoft CCleaner’.
  • Run SEnuke From Your iPad/iPhone, Android device etc.
    If you can get a remote desktop client then you can get access to SEnuke X on your VPS from it! On my iPhone I used iResktop which is a completely free client, there is nothing better than seeing SEnuke X running on the iPhone!